Pilot Episode

[vimeo 95356985 w=400 h=225] The above video is a piece that I recently wrote, produced, and hosted. This pilot episode is for a web series highlighting the up and coming entrepreneurs making small business empires in the city of Orlando. This is still the rough edit without any added graphics, color correction, or audio edits. Feel free to shoot me any feedback. Shout out to my friends at White In Revery for agreeing to take on this project with me.

All Work Is Creative


“… All work is an act of creating and comes from the same source… The capacity to see, to connect and to make what had not been seen, connected and made before.” – Ayn Rand Your work is not a curse… It is not a barrier to a life a leisure. It’s an opportunity to find purpose in partnering in the act of creation. As you go into this new year, reconsider the way you work and the reasons for your work.

Consume Less. Create more.


Before you get out of bed you have a decision to make: Am I going to be a consumer or a contributor today? You have a thousand messages in your environment that are attempting to consume your morning and thwart your additive potential. Morning news, social media, talk radio, and the drive through at Starbucks are all attempting to position you to consume more. You should take this personally! The more you are consuming, the less you are creating and contributing. Recently I walked into … Read More

Harness Competition & Foster Creativity


A competitive nature is glorified in the sports world, but the creative landscape tends to treat competition as an unearthly 2nd cousin. Counteraction would appear to oppose the key forces of cooperation and collaboration that most creative environment’s strive for. It’s true, competing structures are harmful when they are invited to exist between creative people on the same team. However, if harnessed and directed against the correct forces, competition can keep the brain interested and assist in moving creative boulders. Creative blocks require a change … Read More

Group SPEAK To Demolish groupTHINK

Group Think

It’s common practice to apply the rules of improv to the group brainstorming and problem solving process. However I have found that the rules for live storytelling are a fantastic way to create fairytale’s but often struggle to create epic adventures. I created an adapted set of terms to the common rules of improv that I apply to the brainstorming process. Traditional rules for brainstorming hinge on language that is always in agreement. Rabble-rousers struggle to embrace this “say yes…” language and contribute less to … Read More

A Step In The WOW Direction


Wow is the response you give when you see the Grand Canyon, experience Apple product packaging, or meet my wife for the first time. Wow is the response that represents a refreshed adventure through the broken barriers of beauty. Wow is the reaction given when hope has been surpassed. So… how does one move an issue, idea, product, or organization up and to the wow? I’m glad you asked! A step in the wow direction starts and begins with a clearly articulated DRIVE. In the … Read More

Creative Minds I’m Excavating


I’m fired up to bring some unconventional topics to the conversation of Art.Wires.Soul over the next couple weeks. Every couple months I go through a deep dive reading binge; and I’m in one now. All flowing rivers have a source. Most of my ideations are inspired iterations of the postulations poured into me by others. Below is a list of the books streaming through me right now. I highly recommend all of these, as you will feel their magnetic pull in my upcoming posts. Dream … Read More

The Watchful Guardians Of Dreams Past


Walt Disney had always tried to get more dimension in his animation and when I saw these tapes, I thought, This is it! This is what Walt was waiting for! But when I looked around, nobody at the studio at the time was even halfway interested in it. – John Lasseter Innovators are watchful guardians of dreams past, positioned to assist the future through the doors of the present. Before John Lasseter was the kingpin of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, he was an … Read More

Four Ways For Creative People To Chew Their Food


Lunch is not a throw away event! The intentionality behind refueling determines the distance at which you can travel. Don’t simply place a 1-hour block of time on your calendar that says “lunch”, unless of course you’re not scheduling time for lunch at all (in this case plan on ending your day at 2:30pm because you non-lunch eaters are grumpier than uncle Charlie without football season). Food refuels the body but you can also add 4 feasting techniques to provide further ambulation to your creative … Read More